Join-In Wine Tours
Public Join-In Wine Tours

A delightful afternoon of wine tasting, relax in comfort for a fun-filled scenic tour of local wineries.
Traveling towards Taos sampling all kinds of crafted wines & local craft beer along with our beautiful landscapes.
Your guide will point out landmarks telling stories and talking about local history and our wine industry of New Mexico.
New Mexico Wine Tours operate's all year, seven days a week except Christmas & Thanksgiving day!

Our public tours focus on small groups so your customer service at the wineries will be enjoyable. 
When visiting the wineries your guide will accompany you into the wineries, introduce you to the staff.  
Servers at each winery are well educated in the history of their winery and the wines you will be tasting.
At each winery visited you will be tasting up to six different wines. 
A couple of the wineries sell local craft beer for you beer lovers & our last stop if time is a distillery/winery.
The route we take to our wineries going north of Santa Fe may differ from day to day, depending on guests interests.
This is not California with thousands of wine enthusiast's visiting our wineries, at each winery you will receive wonderful personalized customer service!

Each winery visited on our wine trail are different with their own unique wines, architecture and charm.
You will be pleasantly surprised with all the different and well crafted wines by our local wine makers.
New Mexico is the oldest wine producing state in the country dating back to 1600's.
Expect nice people, great customer service, beautiful landscapes, wonderful wine and a delicious lunch to top!
What else could you ask for!
This is a social tour with other locals and visitors, you are what makes the tour fun and enjoyable for everyone else on the tour.
First time wine tasters will totally enjoy this day, your servers are more than happy to help!
This is a social relaxing tour, not a drunkathon, so come join us on a relaxing day touring New Mexico's wine country.
Our wine makers use 100% New Mexico grown grapes! 

How do I book my tour?
Very simple, you can book on line or call us and we will book your tour for you at 505.250.8943 
Booking on line - Click the BOOK NOW BUTTON, select the date you would like to do a tour and fill out all your information. 
At check out you will be asked a few questions. Where we will be picking you up at the morning of your tour.
If you do not know where you are staying at, please just make a note at check out and will get that later.
Also please, give an alternative date the day before or after if possible that you might be able to do the tour.
It is important that you give an alternative tour date that you would be available the day before or after your preferred tour date, it is very costly for us do a tour for just two guests.
A confirmation email will be sent after we accept your booking & a reminder the day before your tour date.

Where do we meet for the wine tour?
Complementary door to door service from your accommodations or where ever you are the morning of your tour!
Please no driving after your wine tour with out a DD!
Wanting to join a tour departing from Santa Fe and are located in the Albuquerque area, take the Rail Runner! 
A comfortable & affordable service to and from the Central region to Santa Fe, New Mexico Wine Tours will pick you up at the Santa Fe Depot.
NM Wine Tours will accommodate with the time of arrival for that tour of the day.
Book your tickets on line here or at the the  Rio Metro rail runner express station.
If located way out side of our travel chart, extra fee will be charged for extra travel expenses.
When booking your accommodations especially with the Airbnb's - pay attention! - you may be in the boon docks. (Support the local Santa Fe Hotel's & B&B's)
​We also pick up at the RV parks, Buffalo Thunder Resort, Four Seasons Resort and Española.

Time of departure:
Depending on where you are located for pick up, NM Wine Tours departs Santa Fe between 11 & 11:30 am

What is included: 
Transportation, with complementary door to door service. 
A very informative tour guide/driver that will be your host or hostess for your full day of wine tasting!
A wonderful picnic lunch that we spend a lot of time and money on that is also included in your cost for your wonderful wine tasting tour and plenty of bottled water.
For those guests that have allergies, vegetarian etc. please mention at check out, and will accommodate.
Special dietary needs way beyond, please bring your own snacks. 
Small tours we will occasionally eat at a local eatery - $15 will be given to each guest to use for your lunch. 
You will not find any other all day tour for this price that includes our wonderful lunch!

What's Not Included:
All alcoholic beverages, entrance fees to attractions and tasting fees not unless purchased with your booking at check out. 
Gratuity for your wine tour guide/driver - you may add at check out. (FYI - There are NO ATM machines)

​How do I get my wine home:
You may ship wine from the wineries – All the wineries we visit are able to ship to almost any state but Utah.
Please check your state shipping laws if you plan to have wine shipped from the wineries.
Or you can buy a wine shipper box from one of the wineries or New Mexico Wine Tours at check out (holds 6 to 12 bottles), 
Fill it up and check it on your return flight like luggage. Or just wrap your bottle of wine up and put in your check in baggage.
You may also go on line after you are home and order wine from the wineries on their website

Local: 505.250.8943
Wine & Scenic Tours
Toll: 877.264.9463 

Our tours are not set in stone, we are very flexible in what establishments we visit and the route we take along with attractions.

Contact us at - 505.250.8943
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At check out please put an alternative date that you would be able to do your tour, it is VERY costly for us to do a tour for just two guests.
Tour cost per person - $99  plus tax - Which includes your  wonderful lunch & plenty of bottled water with door to door service!
At check out you may add your tasting fees for 3 of the wineries visited, which includes the minimum 15% gratuity for your servers. 
Or you may pay as you go for our public tours, you may share your tastings with your travel partner if so desired.
If you are paying as you go and did not add your tasting fees to your booking, please be considerate & remember to tip your servers!!!!!!!!
Minimum 15% for your wine guide/drive is already included at check out.

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Come join the fun!
Please feel free to tip your servers and your guide for exceptional service, sure they would appreciate it! 
Children under the age of 17 or younger are not allowed with out an adult that is 18 or older who is a relative or legal guardian of the minor while in the tasting rooms.